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डॉ. कौड़ा हिरासत में

हिसार : राजगढ़ रोड पर स्थित डीसी आवास के सामने बीटी कॉटन का विरोध में हवन कर रहे डा सुधीर कौड़ा को पुलिस ने हिरासत में ले लिया। पुलिस ने कुछ देर बाद उसे छोड़ दिया। जानकारी के अनुसार डॉ. सुधीर कौड़ा बुधवार को डीसी आवास के सामने बीटी काटन का विरोध करने के लिए हवन कर रहा था। इसी दौरान इसकी सूचना पुलिस को दे दी गई। आजाद नगर पुलिस चौकी कर्मचारियों ने डॉ. कौड़ा को वहां से उठाकर हिरासत में ले लिया। 

English Translation of the News above:

Dainik Jagran, Hisar - Page 13 - 11 Nov. 2010

Dr Kaura in Police Custody

Hisar: Dr Sudhir Kaura was taken in to police custody when he was performing havan (yajna) to protest against BT Cotton. Police let him go after some time. According to the information received, Dr Sudhir Kaura was performing havan in front of Deputy Commissioner's residence to protest agaisnt BT Cotton on wednesday. At that time police was informed about that. Officials at the Azad Nagar Police Station picked Dr Kaura from there and took him in police custody.


(We gave the elaborate press note of the pre-informed suicide attempt by eating BT Cotton to the Deputy Commissioner but the media is so insensitive they did not highlight the issue of poisonous nature of BT Cotton as given in the press note below)

Save Farmer Movment (Kisan Bachao Andolan)

Press Note
Dated: 10 November 2010

Hisar 10 Novmeber 2010 (                 )

BT Cotton has already been proved deadly by the Andhra Pradesh State  Government by the test conducted by it in the years 2006 and 2007 which showed presence of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), a deadly poison, in BT Cotton. But nowhere the state governments or central government in India inform the presence of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) to the general public and farmers. Stating this coordinator of Save Farmer Movement ('Kisan  Bachao Andolan' in Hindi), agricultural biotechnologist and geneticist, Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura told the press that today an attempt by him to commit suicide by eating leaves, fruits, twigs and flowers of BT Cotton was foiled by the police force. Dr Kaura had earlier informed the district administration about his protest and threat of suicide through a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, Hisar District with a 24 hour notice to take some logical step on BT Cotton or face the protest by him.

"They allowed me to complete the yajna or 'havan' (spiritual ceremony) against daemonous BT Cotton" he said, "but took away the BT Cotton twigs which I brought from nearby village farms today morning."

"When the government officially stopped me from eating BT Cotton using police force and consider consuming it a suicide, this proves that government considers it poisonous but why does not convey this poison nature of BT Cotton to general public and farmers is still a mystery or it may be a deliberate action of mass murder of poor and ignorant farmers, their animals and general public. Keeping them in dark about a poisonous plant, is a crime with the millions of people and speechless animals" Dr Kaura said. He said the bio-diesel Jatropha plant also contains hydrogen cyanide and so many children have taken seriously ill after consuming its seeds/fruits like BT Cotton.

Police force foiled the suicide attempt by eating BT Cotton by Dr Kaura in front of Deputy Commissioner's officical residence today at about 2:30 pm. informed Dr Kaura. According to Dr Kaura, the police officers on duty also warned him of booking him on offence of committing a suicide under section 309 of Indian Penal Code. This action by him and police, he says is the win of the movement against deadly plant BT Cotton as this prvoces that indirectly government agrees to the poisonous nature and also that the humans like him can die after consuming BT Cotton. According to his research and survey findings BT Cotton is killing animals at large scale in India and making them infertile and unproductive. He says, "Feedback is also coming on ill effects of milk produced from animals who are fed BT Cotton". Skin problems and allregy and respiratory troubles is very common in people who work in BT Cotton farms and cotton factories.

Dr Kaura informed that due to ill effect of BT Cotton many farmers have already stopped feeding it to animals and many of them have successfully substituted the BT Cotton feed with porridge of wheat mixed with some mustard oil. This gives equal or better milk and milk fat yield, he found with some farmers in his reseach.

(Sudhir Kumar Kaura)
Coordinator, Kisan Bachao Andolan

Attached: Dr Kaura's 24 hours ultimatum issued to Deputy Commissioner, Hisar for taking some logical action for stopping the ill effects of BT Cotton and informing public about its poisonous nature. See below:

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Hisar 10 Nov. 2010 (Lokvaani*) Mr Mahipal Singh says he has stopped feeding BT Cotton seeds and BT Cotton oilcake on hearing about its toxicity for animals and humans three years ago and now he feeds his three buffaloes and one cow boiled wheat porridge with some mustard oil. He says now he is getting equal or better yield of milk and milk fat as he used to get with the feed based on BT Cotton seeds and BT cotton seed oilcake. He says the animals maintain better health with this new alternative to BT Cotton seeds and BT Cotton seed oil cake.

Lokvaani is a community news agency which takes up the assignments of highlighting the community issues and individual grievances and creativity. Contact Lokvaani at lokvaani'AT'  (replace 'AT' by @). An initiative by Innovative India



Hisar 10 Nov. 2010 (Lokvaani*) English Video. Get the insight in to the life of an activist who is preparing to consume the BT Cotton twigs, flowers and fruits and leaves. BT Cotton has already been proved by the government in India to contain deadly poison called Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN).

Lokvaani is a community news agency which takes up the assignments of highlighting the community issues and individual grievances and creativity.. Contact Lokvaani at lokvaani'AT'  (replace 'AT' by @). An initiative by Innovative India

10 Nov. 2010

Photo: Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura performing a havan (yajna) before his suicide attempt by consuming BT Cotton


9 November 2010

Memorandum of Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura to the Deputy Commissioner, Hisar requesting him to inform general public about poisonous nature of BT Cotton and threat to commit suicide if government takes no action.


29 October 2010

Soft Copy of Poster in Hindi on BT Cotton Released. See the copy of poster below.

23 October 2010

40,000 Copies New Hindi Pamphlet on Ill Effects of BT Cotton Released (English Translation available on Request).

See Page1, Page 2 of pamphlet here


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NEWS UPDATE 8:58 PM 19 October 2010

Save Farmer Movement
(Kisan Bachao Andolan)

Press Release:  7:51 pm    19 October 2010

BT Brinjal Can Be As Deadly As BT Cotton:

I visited the farms of Departmental of Vegetable Crops of CCS Haryana Agrcultural University, Hisar on 17 October 2010 with one friend at about 10 am.

I discovered that a bull got diarrhoea after eating BT Brinjal plants at CCS Haryana Agricultural University Farms. A symptom quite similar to what animals get after eating BT Cotton plants.

The farm assitant persons at the university in the BT Brinjal trial farms now report respiratory difficulties as well.

Earlier about two years ago they told me they had a sensation of tickle (they call 'gudgudi' in Hindi) in nose. Now that 'gudgudi' has converted in to respiratory difficulties.

I am worried though BT Brinjal has been banned for 2 years in India.

But sources say the seeds of BT Brinjal may already be on its way in the grey market like the spread of BT cotton in India about 9-10 years ago. I hope people will be cautious enough to such dangers and will put pressure on government to stop this massacre in the name of agricultural biotechnolgy.

I also submitted memorandum regarding large scale deaths of animals due to BT Cotton based feed in Hisar district and other parts of Haryana state and other states to Deputry Commissioner and Vice Chancellor of CCS Haryana Agrcultural University, Hisar, India with a copy to Prime Minister of India, President of India, Governor of Haryana State, and All Chief Ministers of states of Indiaalsong with the government report of presence of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) in BT Cotton which is available since year 2006 and 2007.

Sudhir Kumar Kaura
Coordinator of Save Farmer MOvement

News Update

Hisar 13 October 2010 (Lokvaani)

Save Farmer Movement joins hands with Innovative India to offer you certified Organic Milk (Certifited by Innovative India and other competent authorities and bodies). Organic Milk is free of harmful pesticides, residues of other chemical fertilizers like nitrates, and deadly GM plants like GM Cotton. Please Contact Us or get in touch with Innovative India for details at certifiedgmfreemilk'AT' for further details.

In addition to this certified organic and GM Free food material like vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, herbal/soyabean milk is also available. Franchise enquiries are also invited. Advance orders are necessary to facilitate deliveries

Hisar 13 October 2010 (Lokvaani)

We are making a documentary 'entitled BT Cotton Kills Us' on how genetically modified (GM) kills animals, people and ecology. More info. on I would appreciate generous grant/donation for covering cost of this documentary. Donations grants can me made at the web-site of SAVE FARMER MOVEMENT.

All donors' (even donating US1) name & organisation (if any) would get their name mentioned on our web-site & will get a free complimentary copy of the said film sent by e-mail. Donations in form of equipments like camera, vehicles, promotion, other photography, editing, equipments, computer, trekking equipment, fellowships for our scientists, research equipment etc. are welcome. Volunteers are also welcome to work on this project.

News Update

Hisar 4 October 2010 6 pm (Lokvaani)

Shraadh Ceremony (A Spritual Ceremony for the peace of departed souls) of lakhs of Animals and People died due to BT Cotton Poison all over India in last 5-7 years, performed by Mr Nand Kishore Goenka (noted octogenarian social worker, founder of Agroha Dham, Hisar District and father of Mr Subhash Chandra, CEO Zee Group). Press Note (in Hindi in doc format in chanakaya font and picture format- the English version available on request). and related documents/annexures in English Annexure 1, Annexure 2, and in Telugu/English/Hindi Annexure 3

News Flash:

25 Sep. 2010

Invitation: We are planning to organise a 'Shradh' (A Spiritual Ceremony to pray for the peace of departed souls) ceremony of lakhs of animals and humans who have died to to toxic effect of BT cotton in India.Please wait for the final invitation. More info at and to support this activity with your participation (IN PERSON OR ONLINE) and donation visit

To request organisation at your place/institution/farm/town please contact us.


15 Sep. 2010 9:20 AM (Mumbai, India) Dr Ravi Bharti, Hollywood actor, poet and noted character artist in India's TV channels accepted SAVE FARMER MOVEMENT request to act in a movie on problems of farmers and villages. You can act in this movie as well. No audition, no entry fee. This offer is only for members of SAVE FARMER MOVEMENT (Membership is free).
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Open International Invitation to Act in A Feature Film on Problems of Farmers/Agriculture/Villages with Hollywood Actors

Inviting all of you to act in a movie on harmful effects of deadly BT cotton and other GM crops and poisonous chemical pesticides & experience the gravity of problem. The Movie is expected to start in November 2010. Expected to be shot in India and some other countries.

Any person of any age / nationality can apply for consideration for a role in the movie as an actor, story/script writer, lyricist, cameraman, etc.

You can support the project by donation/promotion or by buying an advance copy of the movie. Please contact us for further information.

Documentary on BT cotton

We are planning to shoot a documentary on BT cotton adverse impacts on health, environment and ecology in October 2010. Any suggestion/donations to sustain the project are welcome. You can even support activites of SAVE FARMER MOVEMENT by buying in advance copy of the film CD (Contribution US $ 10). (Postage/Shipping Cost Extra as per actual)



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