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'A Global Documentation Campaign of Farmer Knowledge - Providing A Return For the Knowledge Which Feeds the World'

 A Proposal Prepared by Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura, PhD

Supported by Save Farmer Movement


Due to industrialisation of farming activities the the knowledge of farmers is in danger of erosion, extinction and illegal patenting and commercialisation which needs to stopped. This can only be done if the farmers knowledge is documented and a national/global legal mechanism is developed for protection of farmers' knowledge from exploitation by commercial profit making businesses. 


Applications are invited from farmers who are practising, learning or trying to adopt Chemical Free Farmer for displaying their skills, practices and knowledge in 

'An Online 'Farmer Knowledge Museum' being developed by Farmer Knowledge Centre and supported by 'Save Farmer Movement'


The invitation is only for farm knowledge related to crop farming, horticultre, farm forestry, and dairy farming.


The volunteers/organisations who forward the names of potential farmers to the Museum would be honoured and acknowledged in the online museum.


There is no entry fee for entry submission.


Worldwide Collaborating Scientists / Research Partner Organisations / 

Media Partners / Voluntary Organisations / NGOs / Universities / Insititutions / Governments / Sponsors / Advertisers  are invited to support and participate in this effort to promote chemical free farming and associated knowledge.


Researchers and Social Workers are also invited to provide their contribution in this effort.


Kitchen Garden Farmers/Enthusiasts/Housewives are also welcome to submit their knowledge about kitchen gardening / gardening.


Please Contact for more information or  send a summary of the farmer's achievements and knowledge to lokvaani@rediffmail.com or by post at 'Farmer Knowledge Centre' 10 C Friends Colony, Hisar-125001, Haryana, India.


**Please forward/share it to/with to all concerned.**


Decision of Farmer Knowledge Centre will be final for inclusion/exclusion of any profile in the 'Farmer Knowledge Museum' without assigning any reason.